Digital Film Transfer

Film is digitized frame-by-frame with no interlacing to provide a completely frame-accurate transfer. Transferring frame-by-frame ensures 100% frame accuracy for critical sound sync applications. Also, such frame discretion means the clearest, most crisp picture possible next to a Rank transfer. 

A completely digital transfer produces video that is gorgeous and flickerless! An ultra-high resolution copy of the original film...that won't fade, break, burn or crack.

Each frame is individually imaged directly off the film through an enlarged gate so that the entire frame is visible, not just the center of the frame that is visible when using a standard sized gate. The film is illuminated using LEDs so there is no damaging heat produced. Film is scanned slowly at only 6 to 8 frames per second, so there is little stress to older, fragile film.
We provide scene by scene color correction to restore your film and ensure that your film has accurate color balance throughout. No more blue exteriors or washed out images.



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